About Us

"My older brothers were in the troop, and after seeing the fun they had, it made me want to join."
- Quinn P (Scout)

"I enjoy going on campouts and watching scouts transition into adulthood throughout their time in the troop."
- Rich S (Leader)

Troop 288 is a scout-led and adult-managed organization in Annandale, NJ. We have weekly troop meetings on Tuesday evenings during the school year and we participate in a variety of activities in NJ and the surrounding states each month. These activities include tent camping, cabin camping, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, rafting, ziplining, snow skiing, bowling, trampolining, and multiple summer camps. We are also involved with our local community through service projects and troop fundraisers. Leadership, teamwork, and scouting skills are key factors included in meetings and outings that are utilized by scouts. Our goal as a troop is to make scouting as fun and enjoyable as possible for everyone, and for you to make the most of your time as a scout!

"Campouts are a blast and a great way to learn and work on new skills."
- Eric B (Scout)

"I've learned so many useful life skills that will help me throughout my life."
- Derek A (Scout)

"The people you meet are amazing and will be there to help you through your scouting journey"
- Callum C (Scout)

Our Mission Statement

We, Troop 288, with 50+ years of experience, look to continue to serve the youth of the community by maintaining an inclusive and safe environment that aids to better serve and connect us with God, our community, and each other. We will continue to strive for more 
inclusive events, that improve participation, by organizing ourselves and our equipment by the patrol method. The troop is eager to continue our tradition of engaging in fun outdoor activities and building scout skills with a positive and focused program for all age scouts through well trained youth leadership.

"The leaders of the troop motivate me to be the best version of myself and to be a good leader to my fellow scouts"
- Eric B (Scout)